It is possible to retrofit a Robotic Valve Bag Handling Equipment to your current STONEPAK valve bag filling systems.


  • A “conventional” style Valve Bag Applicator (VBA)


  • Replacing your “conventional” style automatic Valve Bag Applicator(s). Includes VBA Models 506, 507, 508, 509, 510 & 511 VBAs
  • Automating the placement of empty bags, picking and applying them to the packer spouts utilizing a Fanuc Robot


  • Flexible: The Robot can be easily taught custom locations and motions that is impossible for a “standard” Valve Bag Applicator to duplicate
  • Robots achieve the highest wrist axis speeds and best repeatability in their class with very little down time
  • Practical and cost-effective solutions for Bag Application
  • Small Footprint and programmable paths
  • High-performance motions, with fast cycle times and high bag application rates
  • RIA compliant
  • User-Friendly