The AP Series Software Retrofit will give additional options, greater reliability and improved production rates to your High-Level Palletizer. Electrical and mechanical components can be installed by your qualified staff members however a Premier Tech Service Technician will be required to download the software modifications and fine-tune your patterns.  Here are the main mechanical and electrical components included in this retrofit:


- Various Sensors
- Rough top belts
- Row Pusher encoder
- Detection bar plate
- Miscellaneous items such as bolting and wires



  • Faster restart
  • New pacing sequence reduces the start/stop cycles by 75%. Consequently, it increases the lifespan of brake motors and key ways of the shafts.
  • Optimized twin-belt turner option which allows for increased speed, range and rough top belts
  • More accurate pallet changeovers
  • More precise layer former and row pusher positioning
  • Up to 75% reduction of brake use on layer former and row pusher
  • Better pallet dispenser initialization
  • Superior leaking bag detection
  • Enhanced faults diagnosis
  • Fine tuning screens allow operators to temporarily save important adjustments