Previous Design
Intermittent holes at the edge of the side seal.

Updated Design
The Top Sealer Retrofit makes the seal height adjustment very easy to do, thanks to four threaded rods. By lowering the whole module, the operator can obtain a better seal overlap at the junction between the top seal and side seal on the bag. This effectively eliminates the possibility of a hole being created at that point.

Included in this retrofit:

  • New knurled wheels with a vertical knurl pattern for stronger seal 
  • New pulleys without a cap 
  • New welded triple seal heating bars 


  • Safer operation with no moving parts when access door is open
  • Easier to access and clean the sealing bars with the pneumatic top seal closing feature
  • Automatic detection of overfilled bags
  • Top sealer belts will always remain on track. No more downtime due to putting them back after jam ups or overfilled bags