At Premier Tech Chronos, we understand your need for a supplier capable of quickly delivering the right part for your equipment.

Our experienced parts specialists are available to take your orders and answer your spare parts questions Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (EST) online, by email or over the phone. They welcome your questions and will work with you to find the right part if you don’t have the part number handy.

Order parts or request a quote ONLINE – the easiest way!

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Oder parts or request a quote

Our parts specialists are available to answer your questions about parts, ordering parts, requesting quotes online, and shipping.

Ask your question via email

Toll-FREE (USA/CAN): 1 855-WECARE-6

Direct lines:
Quebec, Canada
All Premier Tech equipment, any W.G. Durant, BAG Equip, Verville, Erin and Chronos Richardson equipment
Phone: +1 418-867-8884

Utah, USA
Any STONEPAK equipment and predecessors: Bates, St. Regis Bates, Stone Container, Smurfit Stone, Altivity and Graphic Packaging
Phone: +1 801-536-0426

Alabama, USA
Any vonGAL Equipment
Phone: +1 334-261-2779

Our parts team is used to handling emergencies. You can rest assured that they will do everything possible to have the right part quickly delivered to you. They are at your disposition online, by email or by phone.

Spare Parts list

We offer a variety of spare parts kits that can include routine wear parts or even whole control modules. We can provide suggested spare parts lists if you would like to stock a minimum number of spares on your shelves to minimize potential downtime. We can analyze your needs and prepare customized spare parts lists or kits tailored specifically to your equipment and needs.

Request a quote for a spare parts list/kit


Genuine Parts and Service

This logo certifies that all the parts used to manufacture your high-quality equipment are genuine.  Premier Tech Chronos is the sole legal owner of all of the technical documents and improvements in terms of design and intellectual property (IP) for the following brands: PREMIER TECH CHRONOS, PREMIER TECH SYSTEMS, STONEPAK, VONGAL, CHRONOS RICHARDSON, VERVILLE, DURANT, RICHARD SIMON, BATES, ST. REGIS BATES, STONE CONTAINER, SMURFIT STONE, ALTIVITY, GRAPHIC PACKAGING et ALMEIDA MARTINS. We strongly recommend that you only use genuine Premier Tech Chronos replacement parts and service.  We recognize that there are other options on the market, but please keep in mind that your decisions could have a significant impact on the performance and longevity of your equipment.

The location of our 8 spare parts depots worldwide