Scissors lifts

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Scissors lifts
    Hydraulic - Lenght: 52" (1321 mm) Pneumatic - Lenght: 50" (1270 mm)
    Hydraulic - Width: 29" (737 mm) Pneumatic - Width: 42" (1067 mm)
    Hydraulic - Height: 8.5" (216 mm) Pneumatic - Height: 8.5" (216 mm)
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    Pneumatic Scissors Lift

    Premier Tech Chronos’ Pneumatic AS/RS Pick-up & Delivery Station Scissors Lift is specifically designed to lift up to 3000 lb. Vertical rods are used to limit the travel of the scissors lift instead of using stops to limit the travel of the scissors’ cam followers, like standard scissors lifts. This feature directly opposes the lifting forces and transfers the lifting energy through the P & D Scissors Lift’s frame, unlike the standard scissors lifts which transfer their forces through the scissors, putting unnecessary stress and wear on the scissors lift’s bushings and cam followers. Premier Tech Chronos' Pneumatic P & D Scissors Lift can also be equipped with pneumatic valves, flow controls, and quick exhaust to customize the lift to your specific lifting or lowering application.

    Hydraulic Scissors Lift

    Premier Tech Chronos’ Hydraulic AS/RS Pick-up & Delivery Station Scissors lift is designed for your heavier lifting needs (up to 4000 lb) and environments where compressed air is not suitable. The cylinder’s strokes are limited to keep unnecessary stresses from being passed through the scissors lift’s cam followers and bushings. The scissors lift’s hydraulic power unit is mounted externally for easier serviceability and filled with food grade hydraulic fluid. Premier Tech Chronos’ hydraulic P&D scissors lift is also equipped with a flow control valve, can be modified to operate in freezer environments, and can be customized to meet your lifting or lowering needs.

    Scissors Lifts
    Scissors Lifts

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