Bag closing equipment and valve bag sealers

As well as offering state-of-the-art bagging machines, Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) also offers, valve bag sealers, bag closers and bag sealing machines for all types of bags. PTC manufactures both semi and fully automatic bag closers depending on the level of automation required. Its wide range of bag sealing machines and bag closers covers the food, seed, feed, chemical, minerals industries.

Ultrasonic bag sealer

Clean PAK II

Seals valve bags before they are moved from the original filling position

Up to 4 BPM

Ultrasonic valve bag sealer

725NXT Cleanpak

Ultrasonic sealer closes valve bags while they’re in the filling position, without using heat

Up to 4 BPM

Manual ultrasonic bag sealer

Manual bag sealer

Cost-effective heat-free ultrasonic sealer for valve bags

Up to 4 BPM

Conveyor mounted ultrasonic sealer

Valve bag sealer

Heat-free ultrasonic sealer compatible with all types of valve bags

Up to 20 BPM

Pinch bottom bag sealer

92J Series

Open-mouth bag sealer provides effective double closure

Compatible with paper and polywoven bags

Up to 30 BPM

Pinch bottom bag closer

90J Series

Open-mouth bag sealer for paper and polywoven bags

Up to 45 BPM

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