Bagging machines

Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) is one of the most important suppliers of industrial bagging machines in the world.  With one of the largest product portfolio of the industry, Premier Tech Chronos can provide bagging machine for almost any kind of bags heavier than 5 kg. Among its comprehensive product portfolio, Premier Tech Chronos offers manual bagging machines, valve bag filler, open-mouth bagging machines, compression baggers, bulk bag fillers, form fill & seal bagging machines, etc. This wide variety of bagging solutions allows to bag powders, granules, flakes, fibrous materials and large particles. In addition to its bag packaging machines, Premier Tech Chronos also manufactures and sells bag palletizers, stretch wrappers and stretch hooders. In brief, we can supply the complete packaging line.

No matter the size of your project, your budget or your type of bags, Premier Tech Chronos can provide you with a bagging machine that will perfectly fit your needs.  

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