Bag placer for compression baggers

HAT Series | Compression Baggers

Compression Bagger
    Production Rate Up to 3 BPM
    Length: 249" (6320 mm)
    Width: 116" (2950 mm)
    Height: 91" (2300 mm)
    Bag materials Heat sealable polyethylene
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    The HAT Series automation system is designed to automatically place bags made from tubular film onto radial balers having their spout’s larger face in the vertical (model HAT-150) or horizontal (model HAT-160) axis. This automated system is made up of two different modules: the bag placer and the bag sealer. The bag automation system produces hermetic bales of very high quality.

    HAT150 - 1
    HAT150 - 2
    Compression Bagger
    Compression Bagger
    Compression Bagger
    Compression Bagger
    Compression Bagger

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    • Tremendous savings in packaging materials due to the use of tubular film instead of pre-made bags
    • Allows for loading of film roll during operation
    • Detection/reject system for misplaced bags


    • Folding system available (pillow or gusseted)
    • CE-marked

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