Vertical form, fill and seal baler

EA-450 Series | Compression Baggers

Form Fill Seal Machine
    Production Rate Up to 5 BPM
    Length: 220" (5582 mm)
    Width: 122" (3105 mm)
    Height: 357" (9060 mm)
    Bag materials Heat sealable polyethylene flat film
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    The EA-450 Series Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Baler is a fully automated system that makes its own bags from a roll of flat polyethylene film, which results in a major reduction in packaging materials and direct labor costs. This baling machine is intended to package compressible products such as peat moss, producing small- and medium-size bales that are watertight, square, and of very high quality.

    Complete Packaging Line - Bales Peat Moss
    EA-450 Series
    Form Fill Seal Machine
    Form Fill Seal Machine
    Form Fill Seal Machine
    Form Fill Seal Machine
    Form Fill Seal Machine

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    • Huge savings in packaging materials thanks to flat film instead of pre-made bags
    • No plastic waste to handle
    • Clean and dust-free operation


    • Handle former available
    • Spare forming tubes for additional bag sizes

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