Insulation bagger

HVS-400 Series | Compression Baggers

Compression bagging machine
    Production Rate Up to 7 BPM
    Length: 411" (10449 mm)
    Width: 194" (4940 mm)
    Height: 248" (6304 mm)
    Bag materials Polyethylene
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    The HVS-400 Series Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Baler (FFS Baler) produces hermetic bales of very high quality. It uses flat film instead of pre-made bags, generating tremendous savings in packaging materials. Finished bale compression ratios can be as high as 6:1, therefore reducing packaging material and shipping costs. This form fill and seal baler is completely hydraulic with low-noise piston pumps and proportional hydraulic valves for smooth operation.

    Wood shavings baler | Compression bagger
    Compression Bagger | Wood Shavings baler
    Feeder for wood shavings baler

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    • Very long operating autonomy, with film rolls 30” in diameter (approx. 6000 bales)
    • Dust collection ports strategically located for clean and dust-free operation
    • No plastic waste to handle
    • Easy film loading and splicing for optimum operating efficiency


    • Volumetric feeder specially designed for quick and stable feeding
    • Extended tubes for light materials such as cellulose and wood shavings
    • Extra compression force for hard-to-compress materials
    • Bale exit conveyor
    • Product level detection system
    • Set of compression tubes for alternate bag sizes

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