Insulation bagger

HVS-180 Series | Compression Baggers

Insulation bagging machine | Insulation baler
    Production Rate Up to 3 bales/minute (with high speed option)
    Length: 144" (3658 mm)
    Width: 231" (5882 mm
    Height: 348" to 378" (8839 to 9601 mm)
    Bag materials Polyethylene
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    The HVS-180 Series Insulation Bagger is a semi- or fully automatic system intended to package compressible bulk products such as natural or synthetic fibers (fiberglass insulation, ceramic fiber, wood fiber, etc.). It is designed to perform densification in the gusset direction, thus producing medium-size bales with a flat face, which are easier to palletize. Since this insulation bagger uses a two-stage densification system, the ratio can be up to 30:1 depending on the application requirements and product characteristics. The HVS-180 Insulation Bagger is equipped with a densification chamber fed by a load cell-mounted weigh hopper, which dispenses a pre-set, accurately weighed charge of product. 

    Insulation baler | Compression bagger
    Insulation bagger | Compression bagger
    Insulation baler | Compression bagger
    Insulation bagger | Compression bagger

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    • Ruggedly constructed, including high-quality components that meet the highest standards of heavy industries
    • Densification ratio up to 30:1, therefore reducing shipping and packaging material costs
    • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders for the three major movements, and pneumatic cylinders for other mechanisms


    • Bag clamp
    • Fully automated system when adding the HAT Series Bag Placing and Sealing Modules
    • Centralized dust collection ports
    • Centralized dust collection ports
    • Highly wear-resistant surfaces
    • High-speed version

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