Form, fill and seal (FFS) bagging machine

FFS Series | Form Fill and Seal Baggers (FFS)

FFS bagging machine
    Production Rate Up to 35 BPM
    Length: 290" (7366 mm)
    Width: 166" (3962 mm)
    Height: 97" (2464 mm)
    Bag materials Polyethylene
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    The FFS Series Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (FFS) Bagging Machines are fully automatic systems which make their own bags from rolls of pre-printed, center-folded polyethylene film (U film). They are intended to package a wide range of loose fill materials. These form fill and seal baggers can be integrated upstream from either a weighing or a volumetric feeding system, and downstream from conveying and palletizing systems. FFS systems allow you to greatly reduce your packaging material costs while offering you great performance and unrivalled reliability.

    With more than 300 Form Fill and Seal baggers sold worldwide, Premier tech is a reference in the industry.

    FFS bagging machine
    FFS bagging machine
    FFS bagging machine
    FFS bagging machine
    FFS bagging machine
    FFS bagging machine
    FFS bagging machine
    FFS bagging machine
    FFS bagging machine
    FFS bagging machine

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    • Wide range of bag options: top patch handle, bottom patch handle, bottom patch, die-cut handle, bag top trimmer, embossing or dry ink coder, bottom gusset former, zipper applicator for reclosable bags, bottom corner sealer, etc.
    • Only one control panel for all electrical components
    • Pneumatic closing mechanism on bag top drive belts providing many operating advantages such as greater safety, easy access to sealer components and overfilled bag detection system
    • Ergonomic design providing good visibility and allowing easy adjustments and maintenance operations inside the guarding area
    • Automatic overfilled and non-filled bag detection system


    • Size-adjustable filling chute
    • Conveyor height adjustment system
    • Pneumatic film roll support
    • Bag top trimmer
    • Anti-corrosion package