Jumbo bag filling machine

P1000 Series | FIBC Baggers

Jumbo bag filling machine
    Production Rate Up to 15 BPH
    Depth: 52" (1321 mm)
    Width: 53" (1346 mm)
    Height*: 105" (2667 mm)
    * Will vary with custom installations
    Bag materials FIBC Bulk Bags, typically Woven Polypropelyne
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    The jumbo bag filling machine Model P1000 is a simple rugged means to fill FIBC Bulk Bags.  The P1000 offers both excellent weight accuracy and simple operation. It is designed to fill and weigh free flowing products such as granules and pellets with a particle size of 60 mesh to 3/8” into FIBC Bulk Bags.

    The P-1000 Bulk Bag Filler offers ease of use and a productivity rate of up to 15 bags an hour. The filling spout and support arms are fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of bag heights.

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    • Product applications: Sand, granular carbon black, plastic pellets, whole grains, etc.
    • Rugged heavy duty frame
    • Simple load platform scale
    • No hydraulics
    • Two-wall filling spout with inflatable sealer
    • Simple operator controls
    • Microcomputer based Weight Controller provides accurate set points


    • Bulk dribble product feed Devices available for maximum accuracy
    • FIBC bulk bag liner pre-inflating blower
    • Powered up/down bag hooks