Manual bagger with volumetric feeder

VF MB Series | Manual Baggers

Manual bagging machine with volumetric feeder
    Production Rate Up to 35 BPM
    Length: 127" (3226 mm)
    Width: 70" (1778 mm)
    Height: 170" (4318 mm)
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    The VF Series Manual Bagger (by volume) is a heavy-duty bagging system designed to handle organic products or aggregates. It combines a manual foot-controlled bag holding system and a volumetric feeder for organic products or aggregates (depending on customer’s needs). This manual bagging system is easy to upgrade to an automatic one by replacing the manual foot-controlled bag holding system with a fully automatic form, fill and seal bagger. Depending on the product’s characteristics and bag sizes, it can reach up to 35 BPM.

    In brief, The VF Series Manual Bagger is a reliable and cost-effective solution that can help you reach higher productivity.

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    • Foot-controlled bag holding system (different bag sizes available)
    • Consistent product feed through a quick-action, pneumatic flow control gate
    • Clean and dust-free operation
    • Highly efficient product level detectors that prevent partially filled bags


    • Servomotor drive for the conveyor
    • Variable speed drives for infeed line control
    • Wear liners
    • Operator access platform
    • Size-adjustable filling chute
    • Exit conveyor