Open-mouth bagging machine

PTR-1030 Series | Open-Mouth Baggers

Open-mouth bagging machine
    Production Rate Up to 18 BPM
    Length: 130" (3302 mm)
    Width: 125" (3175 mm)
    Height: 80" (2032 mm)
    Bag materials Laminated polywoven, paper and polyethylene
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    Highly versatile, reliable and precise, the PTR-1030 Series Open-Mouth Bagger can adapt to applications that require multiple bag materials, bag sizes and bag closing devices. It uses two FANUC robots, one for empty bag handling and one for filled bag control. The two robots provide both reliability, by simplifying the mechanical aspect and limiting the number of moving parts in the machine, and precision, with their proven accuracy.

    The empty bag handling robot can be upgraded with a vision system which realigns the top of the bag during the empty bag placing motion, thus ensuring the highest precision during the bag closing process. The PTR-1030 can fill either gusseted or pillow-type open-mouth bags, and can handle paper, PE, laminated and porous polywoven bags.  The PTR-1030 Series Open-Mouth Bagger is the most versatile and agile bagger in the industry, providing ultra-rapid bag size changeovers.

    Open-mouth baggger | Bag filling machine
    Open-mouth bagging machine | Soil bagging machine
    Open-mouth bagging machine | Open-mouth bagger

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    • Low head-room
    • Small footprint for floor space optimization
    • Compact design and smart wiring allowing for a quick installation
    • Very fast bag size changeover
    • Compatible with all closing systems
    • Bag-on-spout detection system to avoid product loss due to spillage
    • Two FANUC robots for precision and reliability


    • Automatic correction of the bag position on the spout
    • Fully automatic bag size changeover
    • Upgrade for porous polywoven bag
    • All types of net weigh scale feeders
    • All types of bag closing systems