Automatic bagging machine

Automatic bagging machine

CHRONOS | PTW-1200 Series


    Main benefits



    Can handle porous polywoven bags and all other types.



    Closed or misplaced bag on the spout as well as multiple bag picking are rejected automatically outside of the machine without stopping the bagging process.



    Quick to configure, consistent and durable equipment, designed to reduce the loss of time on the production line.

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    The PTW-1200 Series Automatic Open-Mouth Bagger (patent pending) is a highly efficient system that has been designed to easily run porous polywoven bags, which are often used in manual bagging operations.

    The PTW-1200 offers a new, innovative solution for improved bag separation. Its new technology combines two complementary systems to separate bags at both ends. This is a dependable and efficient solution for porous polywoven bags that could stick together because of static electricity, twisted thread and other reasons. The PTW-1200’s innovative way to feed bags into an automatic bagger has been merged with the proven robotic full-bag exit system, producing a fully automatic bagging solution that replaces a manual equipment line.

    This bagger is equipped with devices that detect bag thickness, bag-on-spout placement and an open bag at every step of the process. These detectors spot a closed or misplaced bag on the spout as well as multiple bag picking allowing the machine to reject these bags automatically without stopping the bagging process. 

    All these features are designed to optimize production despite the irregular properties of porous polywoven bags.

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    Bag types

    Bulk materials


    • Effectiveness and optimum throughput thanks to reliable automatic rejection of defective bags
    • Small footprint optimizes floor space
    • Compact design allows shipping in one block and quick installation
    • FANUC robot assures reliability and precision
    • All parts in direct contact with the product are made of polished 304 stainless steel
    • Detection system checks bag placement on spout to avoid spillage
    • Intelligent thickness detector rejects multiple bag picks
    • Tilt spout avoids conflict with bag placer and robot, and increases achievable speed
    • All motors in bagger are either VFD or servo-controlled for best precision and reliability


    • Outfeed conveyor with motorized adjustable legs (8,10,12,14 or 16 feet)
    • Extended belt for tag placer