Ultrasonic bag sealer

Clean PAK II | Valve Bag Fillers/Packers

Ultrasonic bag sealer

    The Clean Pak II Ultrasonic Sealer effectively closes the bag’s valve before it is moved from its original filling position. This bag closer ensures a highly sanitary operation while handling dusty products. Innovative design utilizes an inflatable filling tube collar, swirl air blast tube clean-out, in addition to an ultrasonic sealer. A positive closure is obtained even through heavily contaminated valves. To fill & close bags cleanly, dust collection is active throughout the entire cycle.  The dust puff released by filled bags when discharged onto the conveyor is completely eliminated by the sealed valve. Its simple design minimizes wearing parts. The Clean Pak ultrasonic sealer is rigidly mounted to packer frame.

    The Clean Pak II Ultrasonic Sealer uses the same rugged PINSONIC Ultrasonic components used in the other models of Premier Tech Chronos Ultrasonic sealers.

    The Clean Pak II is a state-of-the-art solution to accurately and cleanly seal your valve bags!


    • Product applications: from food products like cornstarch and powdered sugars, to chemicals like carbon black and phosphates, including minerals like fuller’s earth
    • Clean bags: filled bags are sealed prior to handling
    • Optimal product retention for accurate finished bag weight: : sealed bags do not leak during conveying, stacking or shipping
    • Retrofittable: easily mounted to STONEPAK Air and Impeller packers
    • Highly effective seals that prevent product contamination
    • Durable: IP68 controls and hardware designed for dusty environments
    • Small footprint minimizes required floor space
    • Rugged PINSONIC type Ultrasonic Components


    • BOSS (Bag On Spout Sensing): laser detectors ensure that the bag is properly installed on fill spout before machine is started
    • Horizontal (gusset) or vertical (butt) discharge
    • Touchscreen operator control with user-friendly interface
    • Built for dust explosion environments

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