Bulk Processing Equipment

Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) is an international leader in the industry of bulk processing and peat moss field equipment. Its wide range of innovative solutions includes state-of-the-art equipment such as mixing lines, peat moss vacuum harvesters, harrows and screeners adapted to the requirements of small-, medium- and large-scale productions.

Bale shredders & fluffer

Brings large bales of peat moss back to their original density

Bulk conveyor

Conveys bulk materials such as peat moss, soil, sand, etc.

Disc screen

Screening system designed to process organic materials

Rotating discs separate oversized material and fine materials

Drum mixers, paddle mixers, in-line mixers and batch mixers


Mixes free-flowing materials such as soil, peat moss, etc.

Hammer mill

Shreds pre-screened peat moss before mixing or bagging steps


HML Series

Shreds loose and batt insulation materials and similar products

Liquid fertilizer and wetting agent spraying systems

Spraying system

Dosing devices add water-soluble fertilizers or wetting agents to growing media

Pre-screening unit

Make the initial screening to prepare material for processing on screening/mixing line

Star screener

Screening system designed to process organic materials

Incorporates rotating stars that allow fine material to fall through the screen

Trommel screen

Screening system uses a rotating perforated drum to produce two fractions

Volumetric and weighing feeders


Incorporates additives into organic mixes

Volumetric hopper

Adds a product on a mixing line or feeds a bagging machine

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