Disc screen

Bulk Processing for Peat Moss and Substrates

Disc screen | Screener
    Length: 69'' (1700 mm) / 111'' (2800 mm)
    Width: 75'' (1900 mm) / 100'' (2500 mm)
    Height: *
    * Varies depending on system configuration
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    The Disc Screen is an efficient and cost-effective choice for high-volume coarse screening applications. Materials pass through a series of rotating shaft assemblies that all feature a set of steel discs arranged at precise openings to provide the desired product separation. Fine material falls down through the disc openings, while over-sized material is conveyed to the end of the screen and discharged into a bunker or onto a reject conveyor.

    Disch screen | Disc screener
    Disch screen | Disc screener
    Disch screen | Disc screener
    Disch screen | Disc screener

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    • Available in various widths and lengths
    • Compact design for minimum space requirements
    • Easy maintenance
    • Safety guards included and in accordance with highest regulations (OSHA,CSA,CE)


    • Variable-frequency drive for speed control
    • Larger screen for 3 product fractions
    • Rotation detector

    This equipment is adapted for

    Bulk Processing and Peat Bog Equipment