Hammer mill

Bulk Processing for Peat Moss and Substrates

Hammer Mill
    Lenght: 94'' (2400 mm)
    Width: 63'' (1600 mm) / 75'' (1900 mm)
    Height: *
    Varies depending on system configuration
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    The Hammer Mill is designed to shred pre-screened peat moss prior to the mixing or bagging step. It consists of three screens forming a basket and four rows of free-swinging hammers mounted on a 24-inch (300 mm) high-speed rotor. The hammers are made with steel plates that are ½ in (13 mm) thick and can be turned/rotated three times so as to use all four sides before replacement is needed. The screen opening size may vary from ¾ in to 2 in (19 to 51 mm).

    Hammer Mill
    Hammer Mill

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    • Offered in 36’’ or 48’’ size (915 or 1220 mm)
    • 75 HP motor
    • Various screen sizes available
    • Interlocked access door
    • Safety guards included and in accordance with highest regulations (OSHA,CSA,CE)


    • Variable-frequency drive for speed control
    • Rotation detector

    This equipment is adapted for

    Bulk Processing and Peat Bog Equipment