Robotic case packer

Robotic case packer

RPK Series


    Main benefits



    Non-stop, continuous motion for sensitive and accurate product placement.Offers flexible and gentle handling with every pick.



    Scalable design. Ideal for simultaneous handling of different products.



    User-friendly interface and quick changeover of packing patterns through stored recipes.

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    The RPK Series Robotic Case Packer is the perfect solution for secondary packaging applications. It can be used based on our standard pre-engineered design or custom-designed for your specific needs. This Robotic Case Packer is a “scalable” design ranging from a single robot solution to multiple robots (dual, quad, or 2 x dual modules) to suit production throughputs and package pattern requirements and is ideal for customers with a wide range of products.

    The RPK Series Robotic Case Packer utilizes FANUC Robotics iRVision and Line Tracking technology to accurately track and pick products randomly from high speed moving infeed conveyors to allow accurate placement into moving trays or cases on the outfeed side of a typical packing line. The RPK Series Robotic Case Packer improves packaging efficiencies, reliability, throughput and has been cost effectively designed to support demanding ROI applications.

    White Paper : Reasons to consider Automation for your meat and poultry packaging line. Click here to download the PDF

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    • Non-stop, continuous motion for sensitive and accurate product placement
    • Projects are managed to meet specific requirements
    • User-friendly interface
    • Simple operation
    • no flap holders needed due to robotic motion
    • Quick changeover of packing patterns through stored recipes
    • Monocoque Frame for easy transport & quick installation
    • Designed to meet the most stringent safety standards currently on the market
    • Simultaneous handling of different products
    • Multi pick available
    • Flexible, gentle handling
    • Optimized foot print


    • Integration of case erector, case taper, case sealer, bar code reader, label applicator, checkweigher, metal detector, inkjet printer, strapping machine, etc.
    • Multiple robot stations for higher rates
    • iRVision and line tracking
    • Integration of inspection station with sensor or camera for quality control, part sorting, etc.
    • Customized station for semi-automatic or manual operation