90-degree turntable conveyor

Turntable conveyor | Pallet and heavy load conveyors

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The 90-Degree Turntable Conveyor is used to rotate products at 90 degrees. Powered CDLR transition rollers, mounted on the turntable deck's apron, help move the product on and off the turntable. Optional transition gravity roller sections (to fill gaps created by radius of turntable) are available.

Turntable Conveyor | Pallet conveyor

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  • Capacity (weight): 3500 lb
  • Turntable Conveyor Width: Std: From 36” to 63” in 3” increment, Between Frames Only
  • Speed: 3 revolutions per minute
  • Fully bolted system
  • Seamless integration with other types of pallet conveyors
  • All main unit rollers are driven for positive load movement
  • Motor-operated sprocket drive for positive rotation