90-degree pallet transfer conveyor

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The 90-Degree Pallet Transfer Conveyors are ideal for right angle transfer of pallets or loads from chain conveyors, chain-driven live roller or belt-driven live roller onto a chain conveyor. Several standard combinations are available: two, three or four strands of 3/4" pitch, precision conveyor chains. Special "C" shape of UHMW wear strips are used to support the chain. Pneumatic air bags and a special linkage mechanism enable accurate and smooth lifting and lowering of pallets, drums, etc.

Pallet Transfer Conveyor | Pallet Conveyor

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  • Capacity (weight): Up to 3500 lb for 2.50”dia. x.120” rollers
  • Transfer Conveyor Width: Std: From 36” to 108” in 3” increment, between frames only
  • Speed: STD: 30, 40, 50 and 60 FPM
    Option : Other speeds available
  • Smooth and stable lifting motion
  • Chain driven live roller or roller chain styles available
  • Wide variety of widths and configurations
  • Electric motor or air cylinder actuated
  • Can be shipped as a fully assembled unit for easy system integration
  • Positive, stable transfer of a wide variety of load types