Bag Depalletizer

Bag Depalletizer


Main benefits



Better space usage due to efficient cell which allows to palletize and depalletize.

cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Cost effectiveness achieved by increased consistency and less injuries compared to manual workers.



Better output with less product loss thanks to custom end-of-arm tooling designed for your product.

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The ARD Series robotic bag depalletizer has proven to bring stability to any depalletizing application. Depalletizing can be a challenge on manual workforce and impacts productivity. The physical fatigue from working with often heavy loads is likely to cause stress and injuries. An automatic bag depalletizer will not only ensure consistency, it will bring cost effectiveness to your production line with increased uptime.

The ARD depalletizing series is versatile and can adapt to basically any floorspace and existing equipment. Since one machine can do both, palletizing and depalletizing, it will be profitable for just about any application.

This continuous-motion process ensures uninterrupted operations. Product is picked from the pallet using end-of-arm-tools adapted to product specificities. It is then placed onto the conveyor for subsequent production procedures.
Typical applications for this equipment are product reprocessing, multiple product depalletizing and direct pallet to truck loading.

The ARD robot depalletizers can be upgraded through time according to specific needs and can be enhanced with pallet conveyors and/or pallet stackers.

This depalletizing machine can handle bags and bales of various sizes and formats. The end-of-arm tool can be customized to fit any type of product/bag. SKUs can be stored in preset recipes for rapid product changeovers. The user-friendly HMI enables your team members to operate the equipment with ease.

Whether it is for multiple product depalletizing, product reprocessing or direct product to truck loading, our bag depalletizer can help. Custom applications are available to better suit your needs.

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  • Fully automatic
  • Quick changeover of palletizing patterns through stored recipes
  • Pattern Expert software developed by PTC for standardized and simple operations
  • FANUC robot assures reliability and precision
  • iRVision 2D guidance system to precisely locate and handle the product
  • All required safety devices included (fences, doors, light curtains, controls)


  • iRVision 3D guidance system for better speed/efficiency
  • Slip/tier/top sheet handling by robot or dedicated system
  • Stainless steel construction upon industry requirements.
  • Pallet conveyor system
  • Pallet Stacker