Automatic robot palletizer

AR-220 Series | Robotic bag palletizers

Automatic Robot Palletizer
    Production Rate Up to 20 bags per minute
    Length:22’ - 4”
    Width: 18’ – 9”
    Height: 11’ – 5”
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    The AR-220 Robotic Palletizer is a fully automatic bag palletizing machine designed to handle bags/bales/bundles from one infeed conveyor and palletize them in a single stack. Capable of handling virtually any type of bag, bale or bundle, this robotic palletizer is one of the best options when flexibility and automation are required. Thanks to the pallet magazine and pallet dispenser that are included, the system doesn’t require the intervention of a forklift inside the cell to feed the palletizer with empty pallets. Pallets are automatically transferred from the magazine to the palletizing station without any human intervention. Bags/bales/bundles are placed on the pallet by the robot, which also can pick and place slip/top sheets. Once the pallet is full, it is transferred outside the cell by a drag chain conveyor.

    The AR-220 Robotic Palletizer comes equipped with a wide selection of components including pacing and aligning conveyors, pallet dispenser, safety fences, light curtains (at the exit), pick-up conveyor, pallet conveyor, finger gripper, and more. Multiple options are also available, such as a wide range of end-of-arm tooling, powered slip/top sheet dispenser and checkweighing system.


    Modifying pallet patterns or creating new ones can be a struggle if the integrator doesn’t provide the right tool with its palletizer. The AR-220 Robotic Palletizer for bags comes with a state-of-the-art user interface called “Pattern Expert,” which solves this problem. This intuitive and user-friendly interface allows users to modify existing palletizing patterns easily and to create new ones with very accurate bag positioning. Pattern changeover can be carried out quickly through only one point in the HMI, which makes the operator’s life a lot easier. This interface is available in English, French and Spanish, and if support is required, Premier Tech Chronos can access the interface remotely.

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    • Handles various types and sizes of bags, bales and bundles
    • Quick changeover of palletizing patterns through pre-stored recipes
    • User-friendly color teach pendant on robot’s standard operator panel (SOP) for easy troubleshooting and error detection
    • System comes with three stacking patterns
    • Collision guard software prevents accidental damage to the robot’s gripper or to other equipment inside the cell
    • User-friendly pallet pattern editing interface: “Pattern Expert”
    • Empty pallet dispenser with one drag chain conveyor (from pallet magazine to palletizing station)
    • Complete safety fences with one interlocked door
    • Safety light curtain at the exit


    • Two versions of robots: Fanuc R-2000iB/100H or Fanuc M-410iB/140H
    • Powered slip sheet dispenser (cardboard)
    • Powered top sheet dispenser (paper or cardboard)
    • Rejection conveyor for noncompliant bags
    • Automatic bag width adjustment
    • Checkweighing system
    • Slip sheet handling by robot includes sheet stand
    • Multiple end-of-arm tooling options: vacuum gripper, clamp gripper, lateral finger gripper, etc.