Robot bag palletizer

Robot bag palletizer

CHRONOS | AR-210 Series


    Main benefits



    Equipment easy to operate, intuitive operation screen to quickly program new layer pattern.

    design quality

    Design quality

    Compact layout, quick installation time and commissioning.

    cost efficiency

    Cost efficiency

    Economical solution to palletize a vast king of bales, bags and bundles.

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    The AR-210 Robot Bag Palletizer is an economic palletizing machine for handling virtually any kind of bag, bale or bundle. This flexible robotic palletizer is designed to move packages from one infeed conveyor to one stacking position, which means that it quickly stacks one product type at a time. Up to three empty pallets can be stacked directly on the floor inside the palletizing cell. When a pallet load is completed, a forklift can safely enter the robot cell to remove the full pallet(s). Safety light curtains maximize security by stopping the palletizer when the forklift is inside the palletizing cell.

    The AR-210 Robot Bag Palletizer comes with a finger gripper, one of the best solutions for bag palletizing, but it also can be adapted with any of our end-of-arm tools to meet your specific needs. It comes equipped with an alignment conveyor, pick-up conveyor, complete safety fences with light curtains, a Fanuc robot, and more. Two versions of this robot are available depending on the size and weight of your packages: R-2000iB/100H and M-410iB/140H.

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    • Handles various types and sizes of bags/bales/bundles
    • Quick changeover of palletizing patterns through pre-stored recipes
    • User-friendly color teach pendant on robot standard operator panel for
    • System comes with three bag palletizing patterns
    • Collision-guard software prevents accidental damage to the robot’s bag gripper or to other equipment inside the cell
    • State-of-the-art user interface "Pattern Expert"
    • Pallet stopper for accurate pallet positioning
    • Complete safety fences with safety light curtains
    • Fanuc Dual Check Safety option (DCS)


    • Two choices of robots: Fanuc R-2000iB/100H or Fanuc M-410iB/140H Rejection conveyor for noncompliant bags
    • Rejection conveyor for noncompliant bags
    • Robotic slip sheet handling includes sheet stand
    • Multiple end-of-arm tool options: vacuum gripper, clamp gripper, etc.