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AR-215 Series | Robotic bag palletizers

Robot Palletizer

    The AR-215 robot palletizer is a flexible palletizing system designed to pick bags/bales/bundles from one infeed conveyor and palletize them at two different stacking positions, one on each side of the palletizer. Up to three empty pallets can be stacked on each side of the bag palletizer. Since there are no infeed and outfeed pallet conveyors, the pallets are moved in and out of the palletizing cell by a forklift. This robotic palletizer uses light curtains, which allows the forklift to enter one side of the palletizing cell safely while the robot continues palletizing on the other side. If slip and/or top sheets are required, the robot can be programmed to pick the sheets from a sheet stand and place them on the pallet.

    The AR-215 robot palletizer is the leading solution for basic palletizing of bags, bales and bundles, and is equipped with a standard finger gripper that can be replaced easily by a different end-of-arm tool to meet your specific palletizing requirements. It also comes with an alignment conveyor, pick-up conveyor, complete safety fences with light curtains, Fanuc robot, and more. Two versions of this robot are available, so you can choose the one best suited to the size and weight of your packages: R-2000iB/100H and M-410iB/140H.

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    • Handles various types and sizes of bags, bales and bundles
    • Quick changeover of palletizing patterns through pre-stored recipes
    • User-friendly pallet pattern-editing interface: “Pattern Expert”
    • User-friendly color teach pendant on robot standard operator panel (SOP) for easy troubleshooting and fault detection
    • System comes with three (3) stacking patterns
    • Collision guard software prevents accidental damage to the robot’s bag gripper or to other equipment inside the cell
    • Pallet stoppers accurately position empty pallets
    • Complete safety fences with safety light curtains
    • Fanuc Dual Safety option (DCS)


    • Two choices of robots: Fanuc R-2000iB/100H or Fanuc M-410iB/140H
    • Rejection conveyor for noncompliant bags
    • Slip sheet handling by robot includes sheet stands
    • Multiple end-of-arm tool options: vacuum gripper, clamp gripper, etc.

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