Robot Palletizer

Robot Palletizer



    Main benefits

    design quality

    Design quality

    Compact case palletizer with minimal footprint allowing palletizing a wide variety of products.



    Quick changeover of palletizing patterns through stored recipes. Quick and simple installation and start-up.

    cost efficiency

    Cost efficiency

    Entry level palletizing cell, perfect to upgrade end-of-line production.

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    The RPZ-510/515 Series compact robot palletizer is an entry level robotic cell. With a minimal floor space, this solution allows palletizing a wide variety of products with optimized change-over. The robot palletizer picks products from a gravity conveyor and handles them using a vacuum end-of-arm-tool. (Other types of grippers are also available). Loads are built while the pallet is directly on the floor and transfers are performed via any pallet handling equipment (from manual floor jack to fork lift truck). User interface integrated to the robot controller makes operation and maintenance easier. This entry level palletizing cell is a good solution to upgrade end-of-line production.

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    Client success

    "End-effector design is a very critical aspect in terms of robot integration into a process and you guys are the best of the best in my opinion at doing that."


    • Small foot print
    • Low cost
    • Manual pallet handling
    • Peripheral equipment controlled by robot controller
    • All required safety included (fences and light curtain)
    • Quick and simple installation and start-up
    • Quick changeover of palletizing patterns through stored recipes


    • Upgrade to M-410iB/160 or M-410iB/140H FANUC robot for higher loads and/or rates
    • Upgrade to servo lateral fork type gripper for bottom support of units.
    • Second zone on vacuum gripper for double pick to increase rates
    • Powered infeed conveyor
    • Addition of a second infeed conveyor
    • Slip/tier/top sheet handling by robot
    • Additional sheet magazine for different material