Peat Moss Field Equipment

    Length: 216" (5500 mm)
    Width: 576" (1460 mm)
    Height: 74'' (1900 mm)
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    Harrows are designed to be towed by a tractor for bog surface preparation. They are mainly designed to loosen the top surface of the bog, thus accelerating the drying process. Harrows are offered in many types:

    The RH-P148 Rotary Point Harrow is designed to break peat into chunks, thus minimizing the fine dusty particles caused by conventional harrowing. It consists of six rotating cylinders with twisted blade-type teeth.

    The RH-R148 Rotary Disk Harrow is designed to form and shred the peat moss into chunks. It consists of eight rollers with welded disks.

    The RH-T148 Tooth Harrow is designed to prepare the ground for finer and more specific harrowing. It consists of two rows of curved teeth.

    The RH-C148 Combined Harrow has two kinds of teeth to perform two harrowing steps into one. A first row of spring-type teeth loosens the soil, while a second row of spoon-type teeth turns the soil and makes furrows to accelerate the drying process.

    The RH-S148 Spoon Harrow is designed to turn over the top layer of peat moss and make small furrows after harvesting to speed up the drying process. It consists of spoon- or hockey-like teeth.

    Harrows for peat moss
    Harrows for peat moss

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    • May be used every day or after each harvest (especially for horticultural peat)
    • Speeds up the drying process
    • Produces high-quality fibre
    • Retractable sides for easier maneuvering
    • Very little maintenance required
    • Heavy-duty
    • High flotation

    This equipment is adapted for

    Bulk Processing and Peat Bog Equipment