Peat moss thermometer

Peat Moss Field Equipment

Peat heat control | Peat quality control
    Length: 127'' (3226 mm)
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    The Thermo-Peat is an electronic, solar-powered probe designed to monitor the internal temperature of peat stockpiles. Equipped with a user-friendly interface and an alarm system that uses light signals, the Thermo-Peat is easy to use and significantly reduces organic matter losses.

    Peat quality control | Peat heat control
    Peat quality control | Peat heat control

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    • Reduced losses due to overheated organic matter
    • Significant savings compared to manual temperature monitoring
    • Quicker action by the quality control team
    • Easy to use
    • Easy-to-implement control process
    • Efficient alarm detection
    • Reduced physical efforts and fewer injuries related to manual monitoring
    • Environment-friendly: uses solar power, no battery needed
    • Weather-resistant

    This equipment is adapted for

    Bulk Processing and Peat Bog Equipment