Volumetric vibratory feeder

VF-5000 Series | Weighing and Feeding

Volumetric vibratory feeder
    Production Rate Up to 30 BPM (depending on product’s characteristics)
    Length: 98" (2489 mm)
    Width: 64" (1626 mm)
    Height: 191" (4851 mm)
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    The VF-5000 Volumetric Vibratory Feeder is a heavy-duty system specially designed for handling aggregate products and feeding them to a manual or form, fill and seal bagger. Made of abrasion-resistant steel, and equipped with a vibrating unit that provides a highly efficient product flow, this low-maintenance volumetric vibratory feeder is suitable for very difficult environments and provides great filling accuracy at high production rates. Moreover, control can be integrated into the bagger’s interface for optimal communication between the two systems.

    Volumetric feeder for bagging machine
    Volumetric filler for bagging machine
    Volumetric filler for bagging machine

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    • Heavy-duty design, including high-quality components, for low-cost maintenance
    • Highly efficient product level detectors control product accumulation in the hopper to prevent partially and overfilled bags
    • Heavy-duty pneumatic clutch brake designed to provide heatless, high-frequency start/stop sequences


    • Foot-controlled bag holding system for manual bagging (different bag sizes available)
    • The standard pneumatic clutch/brake conveyor drive can be replaced with a servomotor drive for even more accuracy with virtually no wearing over time

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