Charcoal packaging machines

Charcoal packaging machines can usually be categorized in 3 main categories: bagging, palletizing, pallet wrapping. For bagging, FFS and open-mouth baggers are without a doubt the most frequently used charcoal packing machine to fill bags and they can easily be combined with either volumetric feeders or weighing scales depending on if you sell your products by volume or weight. For palletizing, charcoal bags can be handled either by conventional or robotic palletizers. It only depends on the speed and flexibility required or if you have a preference for either technology. Stretch wrappers and stretch hooders are also available if needed for load securing.

If you are not looking for a fully automatic solution, we also offer semi-automatic charcoal bagging machines that could be upgraded later on to a fully automatic solution. No matter the scope of your project, Premier Tech manufactures charcoal bagging machines for small-, medium- and large-scale productions. See below a comprehensive list of equipment that can be used with charcoal. For more information, just click on any product you are interested in.