Frozen Food Packaging Machines

Frozen food packaging machines from Premier Tech (PT) are designed to pack and handle almost any type of frozen food after the primary packaging phase is complete. Equipment supplied by PT can help automate your case packing, palletizing and pallet wrapping operations. It can be standard or customized to your specific needs.

Most of the time, frozen food is first packed into bags, rigid plastic containers and boxes before being packed again into cases for handling and shipping. The RPK Robotic Case Packer is a perfect solution for automating this operation. Its customizable design allows the machine to be configured according to the speed required and the characteristics of the products handled. Thanks to bar code readers and cameras, this system is also able to sort and pack different products on the same line, which can help minimize the footprint required for the packaging line.

PT also offers one of the largest selections of palletizing solutions in the industry. Our wide range of conventional palletizers and robotic palletizers allows us to meet your expectations in terms of speed, flexibility and reliability. Several pallet wrapping machines, such as stretch wrappers and stretch hooders, are also available if required.

See below a comprehensive list of frozen food packaging machines. For more information, just click on any product that you are interested in.