Powder bagging machines

Below is a list of powder bagging machines able to meet virtually any requirement if you bag your powder products in bags of 5kg or more. This wide offering allows Premier Tech (PT) to offer reliable solutions adapted to your product, the type of bag you use and the rates required. In a nutshell, our powder bagging machine portfolio includes valve bag fillers, open-mouth bagging machines, bulk bag fillers and manual baggers. Several types of bagging scales and feeders are also available to handle and weigh all kinds of powders.

For palletizing, PT also offers a large selection of both conventional and robotic bag palletizers. Several options are available depending on the rates, the flexibility and the level of automation required. If you also need automatic pallet wrapping solutions, we can also provide you with one of our stretch wrappers or stretch hooders to complete the automation of your packing line.

See below the different powder bagging machines we offer. For more information, just click on any product that you are interested in.


Open-Mouth Baggers

Valve Bag Fillers/Packers

Manual Baggers