Premier Tech Chronos is an international leader in the industry of bag packaging machines and palletizers. With hundreds of palletizers sold worldwide, Premier Tech Chronos has developed a unique expertise in the manufacturing of fast and reliable palletizers.

Premier Tech Chronos offers 2 main kinds of palletizers: conventional automatic palletizers and robotic palletizers. Thanks to a wide selection of end effectors, robotic palletizers provide the flexibility required by several companies. On the other hand, conventional automatic palletizers provide unparalleled speed which allows to palletize up to 35 bags per minute. No matter the scope of your project, Premier Tech Chronos can provide you with a palletizer that will perfectly fit your needs.  

Robot Palletiser for bags

RPL Series

For bags and bales

Wide selection of end-of-arm tools meets virtually all palletizing needs

Up to 30 BPM

High level gripper head palletiser


For bags and bales

Combines robotic and traditional palletising technology

Up to 40 BPM

High level bag palletiser

HPL Series

For bags and bales

High-speed palletizing solution when high rates are required

Up to 47 BPM

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