Weighing and recording system for bulk weighers

BULK Series | Weighing and Feeding

Weighing and recording system for bulk weighers
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    The BULK SERIES state-of-the-art controller reflects the latest technology in weighing and recording systems for the receiving and shipping of loose bulk materials. The system offers the highest operational reliability and is designed to be used with receiving or shipping weighers of any type, especially the Premier Tech Chronos W SERIES Bulk Weighers. In addition, this system is perfect for modernising or updating your existing receiving or shipping weighing equipment.

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    • Automatic and manual zero setting
    • Switch-on zero setting
    • Automatic in-flight material compensation
    • Residue weight determination
    • Filling counter
    • Operator friendly
    • Various storing options for customer files and data files for material balancing
    • Power failure protection of data storage
    • Password protection
    • Diverse monitoring functions


    • Diagnostic options
    • Optional interfaces for remote display
    • Networking options (Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet)
    • Communication tool for Windows