Sistema de inspección de visión

INSPEK | Empaque robotizado de cajas

Vision Inspection System

    Fully automatic: detect defective products without human intervention.
    Quality control insurance: no more defective products sent to your customers.
    High-speed solution: inspect up to 300 products per minute from multiple lines.
    Stand-alone equipment: Can be adapted to fit with case packers from other manufacturers. The optional reject conveyor is needed.

    The INSPEK vision inspection system is a state-of-the-art technology used to inspect your products on the packaging line in order to identify and discard those that don’t comply with your quality standards. Designed to be integrated to our RPK robotic case packers, the INSPEK monitors all the products on the line before they are packed into cases, trays, totes, etc. When a product is identified as defective by the INSPEK, the information is sent to the case packer allowing the robot to reject it. In other words, it helps you reach better results and increase the satisfaction of your customers by maximizing the quality of the products you sent to their store. If you don’t have a case packer from Premier Tech, we can adapt the INSPEK so you can use it with equipment from other manufacturers. A bullet proof solution is also available, a reject conveyor that can reject only the defective units at a rate of 300 per minute.

    The INSPEK is equipped with 3 line scan cameras with a resolution of 8k pixels each. The high level of quality allows to make in-depth inspections from the top, the bottom and through the products. This vision inspection system allows to define up to 30 inspection criteria to examine your products. Here are some examples of what can be done:

    Print Positioning: Validate is the print at the right place and in the right angle.

    Label positioning: Make sure the labels are at the right place and in the right angle.

    Product in the package: Make sure there is product in the package

    Punch hole detection: Make sure there is a punch hole and that it’s at the right place.

    Bar code: Validate the presence and the position of the bar code.

    Tear Notch: Mare sure there is a tear notch and that it’s at the right place.

    Seal Quality: Make sure the seal is solid and properly closed.

    Product in the seal: make sure there is no product in the seal which can make the seal unreliable.

    Easy-Peel: Make sure there is an easy peel off end on the package

    These are some of the many elements that can be inspected on your products. Many other criteria can be used to fit your needs and maximize the quality of what you send to your customers. Contact us to learn more about this vision inspection system.

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