Serie AR-205

Robot de paletizado

Hasta 14 BPM
Robot de paletizado

Beneficios principales


Le robot exécute des tâches multiples ; il gère la palette, la feuille et l’unité. Équipement efficace offrant une grande productivité.

Calidad de diseño

Construit en se servant de moins de mécanique qu’un autre type de palettiseur, il exige peu de maintenance.


Configurations aisément adaptables pour se loger dans les zones étroites.

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The AR-205 Robotic Palletizing Cell is a flexible palletizing system designed to handle bags/bales from one infeed conveyor and stacking them in one position. This cell maximizes the use of the robot since it handles pallets and bags/bales. When slip and/or top sheets are required, the robot can be programmed to pick the sheets from a bin and place them on the pallet. By using the robot for every manipulation, it reduces the amount of equipment and makes the layout compact and easy to configure. Thanks to a wide selection of end-of-arm tools, it can palletize virtually any type of bag or bale with a very high level of accuracy. 

The AR-205 Robotic Palletizing Cell comes with standard equipment: a finger gripper, an alignment conveyor, a pick up conveyor, empty pallet stand, palletizing conveyor, pallet positioning device, safety fences, light curtains. Many options are available to fully meet your specific requirements.

Nuestros clientes


User-friendly color teach pendant on robot standard operator panel (SOP) allows easy troubleshooting and fault detection

Collision guard software prevents accidental damage to the robot’s bag gripper and to other equipment inside the cell

Complete safety fences with one interlocked door

Safety light curtain for the exit

Fanuc Dual Safety option (DCS)


Fanuc robot M-410iB/140H

Rejection conveyor for noncompliant bags

Automatic bag width adjustment

Checkweighing system

Slip sheet handling by robot includes sheet stand

Multiple end-of-arm tool options: vacuum gripper, clamp grippe, lateral gripper, etc.

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