Bulk bag filler

CBL Series | Ensacheuses pour grands récipients pour vrac souples (GRVS)

Bulk bag filler
    Taux de production Up to 60 BPH*
    *Machine performance may vary depending on bag quality & bag size, operator skills, power supply, empty bag preparation, conveyor speed, etc.
    Dimensions de l'équipement
    as per customer requirement
    Types de sacs Woven Polypropylene
    En savoir plus

    CBL series Carousel is a multi-spout system designed for high-speed bagging of free-flowing and powdered products that need to be densified or compacted. It places, fills and densifies at the same time, which enables achieving production capacities of up to 60 bags per hour. The 3 Stage Carousel includes Three filling spouts equipped with a high-volume blower, capable of handling large FIBC bags.


    The bag is manually placed on the bag clamp, which holds the bags during the following process steps. The first spout is the placing and bag inflation position. The carousel is turned to the next station, which is the filling and first densification position. The bulk material is weighed by a net weigher and discharged into the bag. At the last position, the bag is released from the bag spout, and gently placed over conveyor belt and transferred.

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    Devis Gratuit


    • Dust controlled bagging
    • Easy and user-friendly adjustment of different bag sizes
    • Minimum installation effort required
    • Maintenance-friendly construction
    • Ergonomic design for enhanced working environment
    • Economic and environmentally friendly system due to the possibility of re-using bags
    • Ability to handle different types of bag
    • PLC control system with user-friendly operator interface
    • Precise net weighing technology using the SpeedAC controller
    • Low-maintenance components and assemblies
    • Clean working conditions due to limited dust escape in the filling area


    • Empty pallet magazine with in feed roller conveyor
    • Protection fence for empty pallet magazine
    • Operator platform
    • Out feed roller conveyor with anti-collision protection and induction loop