Feed ingredients packaging machines

Feed ingredients, also known as feed additives or premixes, are ingredients that are added to animal feed to create the required recipes. These added nutrients can be vitamins, minerals, medication and others which usually come in a powdery form. Feed ingredients have a wide range of bulk densities. Due to air entrapment, the product can behave like water when filled in bags which can result in dust emission. Yet, with expensive feed additives, like vitamins and medication, dust emission and thus product loss needs to be kept to a minimum. In addition, high accuracy is required. Premier Tech Chronos’ (PTC) portfolio contains a premix packaging machine which is a specific open-mouth bagging machine with bottom-up technology for such applications: the OMLH1 BF Series. In a complete premix packaging line, this open-mouth bagging machine would be followed by a compact palletizer. To ensure full protection and stabilization of your pallet, PTC offers its stretch hood machine: Stretch-All.