Fertilisers packaging machines

Fertiliser is a chemical or organic nutrient provider used to enhance the growth of plants or modify the water retention and aeration of soil. There are many different forms of fertilisers which could contain chemical elements and exists in either granular or powder form. Important to realize when purchasing packaging equipment is the type of construction meaning that all parts that come in contact with fertiliser should be made of stainless steel. Due to the demand and value of fertiliser, high speed and high accuracy is needed at the same time. For the bagging portion of a packaging line, PTC recommends for its fertiliser packing machine, the form, fill and seal machine or FFS with tubular film for granular fertilisers and its OMLH1-BF open mouth bagging machine with bottom-up filling principal for powdery fertilisers. In terms of end of the line solutions, PTC offers its high-level palletizer and stretch hood machine to complete the fertiliser packing machine line.