Flour packaging machines

Flour exists as white or brown flour and as soft or hard flour. All these come in a powdery form and are obtained by milling grains. In this milling process external factors like humidity, temperature and pressure have minor effects on the product which results in flour having a constant bulk density. The benefit of a constant bulk density is that the behavior of flour in a bagging process is stable and thus easier to control. In addition, the air entrapment is kept to a minimum which allows high speed bagging for this powdery product. Premier Tech Chronos’ (PTC) portfolio contains a dedicated flour packing machine which is the open-mouth bagging machine: the OML-Series or OMLH1 BF Series. In a complete flour packing machine line, this open-mouth bagging machine would commonly be followed by a high-level palletizer. In terms of stretch wrapping, PTC would recommend its stretch hood machine to ensure full protection and stabilization of the pallet.