Plastic pellets packaging machines

Plastic pellets or resin pellets are used to manufacture plastic products and exist in granular form. Pellet sizes range from 2 to 6 mm and are usually found in a barrel, ball or disc shape. This, relatively heavy, free flowing product is an easy product to process through a plastic plastic pellets packing line. Due to its characteristics, bagging plastic pellets can be done at high speed. In addition, plastic pellets are easily distributed within bags. This results in a good bag shape which is beneficial for the palletizing as well as the stretch hooding process. Premier Tech Chronos’ portfolio offers a form, fill and seal bagging machine with tubular foil to ensure high speed bagging. In a complete plastic plastic pellets packing line, this form, fill and seal or FFS bagging machine with tubular film would commonly be accompanied by a high-level palletizer. In terms of stretch wrapping, PTC would recommend its stretch hood machine to ensure full protection and stabilization of the pallet.