Ultrasonic bag sealer

725NXT Cleanpak | Закрытие и запечатывание мешков

Ultrasonic bag sealer
    Объемы выпуска Up to 4 BPM
    Материалы для мешков Paper
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    The 725 NXT Cleanpak Ultrasonic Sealer effectively closes the valve of the bag before the bag is moved from its original filling position. This ensures the cleanest operation while handling dusty products and improved bag accuracy : Sealed bags do not leak during conveying, stacking, or shipping. The once common puff of dust as filled bags are discharged to the conveyor is completely eliminated by the sealed valve.

    Ultrasonic bag sealer
    Ultrasonic bag sealer
    Ultrasonic bag sealer

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    • Retrofitable- easily mounted to STONEPAK Air and Impeller packers.
    • Durable- IP68 controls and hardware designed for dusty environments.
    • Laser Cut and Bolted Frame- Ledges are greatly minimized to prevent product/dust build up.
    • Plumbing and wiring internally routed and protected by steel frame work.
    • Rugged PINSONIC type Ultrasonic Components.


    • BOSS-Bag on Spout Sensing- laser detectors ensure that bag is properly on fill spout before machine is started.
    • Horizontal (gusset) or vertical (butt) discharge.
    • Touchscreen Operator Control-provides user friendly interface and diagnostics.
    • Built for dust explosion environments.
    • Stainless steel construction.
    • Metal detector integration.