Manual ultrasonic bag sealer
    Объемы выпуска Up to 4 BPM
    Зона влияния
    Length: 45” (1143 mm)
    Width: 32” (813 mm)
    Height: 80” (2032 mm)
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    The Manual Ultrasonic Sealer Model US1000PP is a self-contained ultrasonic sealing system that combines a power supply, controls, indicators, and sealing stand in a compact unit to manually seal valve-type bags.  The patented ultrasonic operation seals external valve-type bags without heat, even with a product-contaminated valve.

    The US1000PP uses the same rugged PINSONIC Ultrasonic components used in the other models of Premier Tech Chronos Ultrasonic sealers.

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    • Heavy-duty casters allow convenient placement adjacent to packers
    • LED digital display and electronic keypad entry
    • Portable: The US1000PP is mounted on casters which allow easy moving from one packing area to another
    • Rugged PINSONIC type Ultrasonic Components


    • II-G-1/2 Environments