Pork Packaging Machines

Pork packaging machines offered by Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) are designed to automate the packaging operations that follow the primary packaging phase. The equipment provided by PTC for the pork industry includes case packers, palletizers and pallet wrappers/hooders. No matter the size of your project, PTC manufactures pork packaging machines for small- and large-scale production.

Depending on your requirements, Premier Tech Chronos can supply standard and customized pork packaging machines. For case packing needs, the RPK Series Robotic Case Packer is a versatile solution, able to pick and pack a wide range of products of different sizes and shapes into cases. If you are looking for a palletizer, you might be interested to learn more about both our robotic and conventional palletizers, which can fulfill your needs for speed, flexibility and reliability. Finally, PTC also manufactures stretch wrappers and stretch hooders to automate your pallet wrapping operations.

See below a comprehensive list of pork packaging machines. For more information, just click on any product that you are interested in.

Крепление грузов

Машина для обертывания в растягивающуюся пленку с поворотным рычагом

Серия LW-300

Машина для обертывания палет крепит груз на палете пластиковой пленкой, подаваемой с поворотного манипулятора

До 95 грузов в час

Turntable stretch wrapper


Pallet wrapping machine uses a turntable to apply a plastic film around pallet loads

Up to 45 loads per hour (based on load height)

Stretch hooder


Pallet wrapping solution quickly applies a plastic stretch hood to pallet loads

No rotation of the pallet load is required

Up to 100 LPH

Машина для обертывания палет в пленку

Серия WCA-150

Машина для обматывания палет пленкой упаковывает груз на поддонах в пластиковую пленку на поворотном столе

До 55 единиц в час