Aggregate bagging machines

Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) offers a large selection of aggregate bagging machines, palletizers and pallet wrapping machines. Typical aggregate bagging lines are equipped with a volumetric feeder to measure the accurate volume of product to put in each bag, an FFS bagging machine, a conventional bag palletizer, and a pallet wrapping machine. PTC can also provide you with a semi-automatic aggregate bagging machine if you don’t need a fully automatic solution. If you sell your bags by weight, PTC also offers bagging scales that can be used with FFS or manual bagging machines.

PTC can help you to either automate the full packaging line or a specific segment. No matter the scope of your project, Premier Tech Chronos manufactures aggregate bagging machines for small-, medium- and large-scale productions.

See below the different aggregate bagging machines we offer. For more information, just click on any product that you are interested in.

Крепление грузов

Машина для натягивания растягивающейся пленки

Серия LH-400

Решение для обертывания палет предназначено для быстрой фиксации груза на палете пластиковой пленкой стретч-худ

Вращать груз на палете не требуется

До 110 грузов в час

Stretch hooder


Pallet wrapping solution quickly applies a plastic stretch hood to pallet loads

No rotation of the pallet load is required

Up to 100 LPH