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Discover how the BPE Wood Fiber Machine produces on-site wood fiber for your mixes

The Slootweg BPE Series Wood Fiber Machine enables businesses to add local and renewable wood by-products as complementary raw materials in their mixes, boosting profitability and reducing operational costs.

On-site wood fiber production

This compact and rugged equipment is ideal for heavy-duty applications and can be easily installed next to your mixing lines.

The modular system is also easily scalable to grow with your production needs.

Now available in Europe, Canada & USA, and Australia.

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Innovative and versatile production of wood fiber

Our patented extruding and refining technology breaks down wood by-products into structurally resilient fiber.

With an expansion ratio of up to 1:3.5, this ensures volume is maintained when mixed with other materials.

  • High pressure is applied to raw materials
  • They are passed through a perforated matrix and rotating disks
  • The process creates heat above 100°C, which simultaneously produces and sanitizes the fibers, meeting RHP certification standards

The fiber produced will have different qualities depending on the type of raw material, its moisture content, and the desired grade.

  • Fine
  • Coarse
  • Colored
  • Fraction sizes
  • Desired finished grades

What is wood fiber made of?

The outcome of the processing of white softwood chips using the wood fiber machine
White softwood chips produce structurally resilient fibers with good water dispersion capacity
The outcome of the processing of forest residue using the wood fiber machine.
Forest residue provides a wise use of by-products, reducing waste
The outcome of the processing of compost wood using the wood fiber machine.
Oversized material from compost screening is transformed into a valuable alternative for soil use

Efficient wood fiber production equipment

Save on energy costs without sacrificing output.

The Wood Fiber Machine produces up to 12 m3/h in EN volume (16 yd3/h) with low energy.

It consumes 30% less energy per cubic meter produced than typical refiners, leading to overall cost savings.

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Typical refiners

Our processing equipment

Large-scale productionSmall to large-scale production
High energy consumptionLow energy consumption
High maintenanceEasy and cost-effective maintenance
High investment costsLow investment costs

Choosing the right partner

As a world-leading bulk processing equipment manufacturer, we are committed to providing solutions tailored to your needs to improve operational efficiency.

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