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Seed Application Center
Zone 89

As expert seedsmen and leading providers of seed equipment, we are proud to present Premier Tech's Ankeny facility, Zone 89. It is your gateway to testing and demonstrating seed conditioning technologies.

Zone 89 strengthens our presence in the agricultural sector for the United States. It is a testament to our dedication to helping seedsmen improve seed vigor and maximize germination rates with custom solutions, offering the highest quality output of seeds.

Our location

902 SE Shurfine DR
Ankeny, IA 50021
United States

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Equipment to see and test on site

Our team has developed the expertise to clean, separate and sort all types of seeds with high efficiency and accuracy. We understand industry challenges and can offer you a wide range of specialized conditioning solutions.

At Zone 89, you'll be able to run your product through cleaning, sorting, coating and drying equipment and learn from our experts in the process.


PETKUS has been a renowned expert in seed conditioning machinery since 1852. Built on the motto "Strong seed. Healthy grain," PETKUS equipment can treat individual seeds with high precision and efficiency.

Select PETKUS equipment are enhanced with Seed-X’s computer vision and AI technology to maximize germination rates, boosting performance and seed quality.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your seeds tested, we are dedicated to maximizing your germination rates with our on-site seed conditioning equipment.

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