Empty packaging containers packing machines

Packaging empty containers can involve bottles, cartons, plastic containers, cans, jugs, pails, and totes. Thanks to the innovative solutions offered by Premier Tech, you can streamline your processes and increase efficiency for packing and palletizing these kinds of containers in all kinds of different shapes and speeds.

For a completely automated packaging and palletizing line, Premier Tech provides top-of-the-line case erectors which can quickly and efficiently create boxes for shipping or storage of empty packaging containers and keep up with the demands of a busy packaging operation.

RPK robotic case packer places the products in these boxes which can then be palletized by either a robotic or conventional palletizer depending on the speed and flexibility required.

Equipment we recommend

Packaging line for empty packaging containers

Complete line for fruits, vegetables and empty packaging containers


  1. Robotic case packer
  2. Robotic palletizer
  3. Stretch wrapper

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